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Vaxis Storm 3000ft Wireless Video Receiver with 1000+ Transmitter Kit


Pro Video


This item is only available at our Peninsula Plaza outlet.


This kit includes:

  • 1pc 1000ft Transmitter (with 2pcs Sword Antenna)
  • 1pc 3000ft Receiver
  • 1pc 7" Noga Articulated Arm
  • 1pc SDI Cable
  • 1pc Power Adapter
  • 3pcs Sword Antenna
  • 1pc Lightstand Adapter with Universal Joint
  • 1pc Vaxis Flight Case
  • 1pc User Manual



Specifications (for Storm 3000ft Receiver)

Frequency Band 5.0 - 5.9GHz
Transmission Delay 0 (<1ms)
Antenna Gain 14dBi
F/B Ratio ≥ 25dB
Isolation ≥ 26dB
Horizontal Beamwidth 40 ± 5°
Vertical Beamwidth 40 ± 5°
Standing-Wave Ratio ≤ 2.0
Polarization Mode 5 Line; 3 Line Vertical Polarization, 2 Line ± 45°
Maximum Power 100W
Characteristics Impedance 50ohm
Operating Temperature -40°C to 55°C
Lightning Protection DC Ground
Antenna Size (L x H x W) 310 x 310 x 38mm
Antenna Cover Material ABS
Wind-Resistant 36.9m/s
Antenna Weight 2480g


For specifications of the Storm 1000+ Transmitter, please click here.


Please note: All equipment shown in the image(s), other than the items included in this system, are for illustration purposes only, and are sold separately.


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