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Atomos Sumo19M

$2,700 (U.P. $3,192)

Pro Video


This package includes:

  • 1pc Sumo19M
  • 1pc Master Caddy II
  • 1pc BattWing Mounting Bracket (with 4pcs screws)
  • 2pcs Desktop Feet (with 4pcs 1/4" mounting screws)
  • 1pc 12V-3A AC Power Supply


Director's and Client Monitor
The large 1200nit daylight viewable 1920 x 1080 display will impress your directors and clients, especially with its HDR capabilities. Give them the confidence that your colors and exposures are perfectly set, whether you are shooting for HDR or regular Rec.709 delivery. See Log footage with 10+ stops of dynamic range on screen by using the unique AtomHDR engine. Easily demonstrate your vision with the ability to load and display creative LUTs. Output to connected screens and devices via HDMI or HD-SDI with LUTs applied, or in HDR in HLG or PQ formats.

Gaffer, Focus Puller and Support Crew
Take the guesswork out of technical setups and focusing your images with the large, high brightness 1920 x 1080 IPS LCD display. Don't work with a flat, hard-to-see Log image. Use the preset camera profiles to quickly view footage from most Log cameras in Rec.709. Peaking makes sure that your shots are correctly focused, while Waveform ensures optimal exposure to give rapid confirmation that your shots are setup correctly.

DIT Cart Operator
DITs will appreciate the robust construction, multiple connections and flexible power options when using the Sumo19M on their carts. Use the comprehensive range of video monitoring tools, including waveform and vectorscope, to quickly confirm the quality of your client's image. Use AtomHDR to see 10+ stops of dynamic range on screen from your Log material. Quickly preview Log material in Rec.709 with a LUT applied, or using one of the pre-installed manufacturer-specific camera profiles.

Editing Monitor
Sumo19M is just as at home in the edit suite as on-set. The color-accurate display gives the ability to grade HDR or Rec.709 productions with confidence. Edit in Log and instantly see your result in Rec.709 with 10+ stops of dynamic range displayed. Maintain color accuracy over time with the X-Rite i1DisplayPro probe. Output in HDR to HLG or PQ formats for instant preview on a compatible HDR television. Unlike a regular computer monitor, the Sumo19M directly accepts broadcast spec video signals over SDI and HDMI from NLE. This allows for extremely accurate monitoring. Waveform, RGB parade, vectorscope and safety guides are all available at your



  • Real-time exposure on set from Log for HDR and SDR
  • Noise-free SDR with Log and AtomHDR
  • Selectable dual 12/6/3G-SDI input for A/B comparison
  • 3D LUT's - precise, flexible and infinite
  • High bright 1200nit 19" calibrated 1920 x 1080 monitor
  • Built for production
  • Continuous power
  • Weight (without batteries, media & stand): 5.35kg (11.8lb)
  • Weight (with stand): 5.9kg (13.0lb)
  • Dimensions (without stand): 504 x 310 x 63mm (19.8" x 12.2" x 2.5")
  • Dimensions (with stand): 504 x 330 x 180mm (19.8" x 13" x 7.1")


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