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DJI Osmo RAW Combo

$5,182.25 before 7% GST

Pro Video


NOW $5,182.25 (before 7% GST) / $5,545 (including 7% GST)
(U.P. $5,530.85 before 7% GST / $5,918 including 7% GST) 

The standard package includes (excluding free gifts, if any):

  • 1pc Osmo Handle
  • 1pc Zenmuse X5R
  • 1pc Osmo X5 Adapter
  • 1pc Osmo RAW Carrying Case
  • 1pc Osmo Universal Mount
  • 1pc Osmo Phone Holder
  • 1pc Osmo DJI FM-15 FlexiMic
  • 1pc Osmo External Battery Extender 
  • 4pcs Osmo Intelligent Battery (High Capacity)
  • 1pc Osmo Quad Charging System (Adapter Excluded)
  • 1pc Osmo 57W Power Adapter


The world’s filmmakers just got a new favorite tool: the Osmo RAW. Equipped with the Zenmuse X5R camera, it is the only compact and stabilized, cinema-ready handheld filmmaking system on the planet, letting you capture breathtaking professional 4K footage in CinemaDNG RAW so that you can edit your footage to look exactly the way you need it.

Packed with a powerful MFT sensor, the camera captures 4K video at a framerate of up to 30fps and at a 1.7Gbps average bitrate while the integrated 3-axis stabilization gimbal keeps the camera level. Add the DJI Focus Handwheel to pull focus and control the camera remotely, or do so through the DJI GO app.


Click for technical specifications of Osmo (except camera) and Zenmuse X5R.


Note: Panorama and Timelapse functions are not currently available natively with the Osmo RAW and will require additional software for post production. If these functions are required, other Osmo products are available.

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