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VisibleDust Arctic Beez


Photo Pro Video


The Arctic Beez is a pulsating device with a frequency of 13,000 rpm and a unique buzzing sound similar to that of bees. This vibration frequency is carried to the swab which is placed inside the device cavity. The Swabsonic Technology is powered by DC engine and smart electronic circuitry that generates soft sonic vibration to loosen dirt and stain on the coated sensor.

It is equipped with one bright LED light illuminating the entire sensor and acting as a Swablight. Arctic Beez supports a firm grip on the swab helping to achieve a better and more precise edge to edge sensor cleaning. Its Smart Vibration Technology is designed to push the dirt in forward motion and not lateral and yet to be safe on DSLR coated sensors.



  • Swabsonic™ Technology powered by DC engine and smart circuitry.
  • Safe on coated sensor.
  • Equipped with Bright LED light.
  • 4X more efficient verses sensor cleaning alone.
  • Strong grip for precise edge to edge sensor cleaning.
  • Packed in a classy case.


Watch the introductory video here:



Please note that the Arctic Beez is only recommended to be used with VisibleDust Vswab, DHAP Orange and/or UltraMXD-100 Green, and not recommended for cameras with IS (image stabilization) on the Sensor.


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