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Zacuto Gratical X


Pro Video


Product code: Z-GRX

The Gratical X Micro OLED Electronic Viewfinder uses the same extremely powerful FPGA dual core processor and Micro-OLED display as the Gratical HD. It supports high pixel density with unparalleled resolution, true blacks, gamma and contrast range. The Gratical HD has 5.4 million pixels on a 0.61” diagonal screen no bigger than the size of your thumbnail.

The Gratical X allows you to customize your Gratical with the features you need. Upon registration and activation, users can choose additional software features they would like to purchase a la carte. 

Attach the Gratical X with an Axis Mini as part of the Next Generation Recoil (not included).



  • Auto-closing Eyecup Door - Prevents display from being sunburnt 
  • Built in -1 to +4 Diopter Range
  • Zacuto's latest Anti-fog Coating Formula
  • Customisable 



  • LP-E6 Type Battery
  • Charger
  • Universal Plug Adapters



Micro OLED Display


Screen Dimension 15.5mm / 0.61” (Diagonal) 
Contrast Ratio  10,000:1 
Color Depth  RGB: 24-Bit 
Pixel Info  2687.21 PPI, 5.4 Million Pixels, 16.7 Million Colors 

Full Display: 1280 x 1024,

HD: 1280 x 720 

Refresh Rate  60 Hz 
Luminance  120 - 250 cd/m^2 
Connections HDMI  1.4B Compliant
Resolutions up to 1080P/60
HD-SDI  Resolutions up to 1080P/60
Loop Out 
Video Processing Features
Color Processor  RGB, Saturation, Brightness, Contrast 
Test Pattern (Color Bars & Macbeth)  
Four Programmable Buttons  
Frame Rates 23.98p, 23.98PsF, 24p, 24PsF, 25p, 25PsF, 29.97PsF, 50i, 50p, 59.94i, 60i, 60p
Power Compatible with LP-E6 battery 
(7.8V 1800mAH LiON) 
Run Time – 3-4 Hours Depending on Features Used


Watch the introduction video of Gratical Eye:


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