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Aladdin FlexLite2 Kit (Daylight)

Free gift with purchase!

Photo Pro Video



FREE with purchase:

  • 1pc D-Tap Cable (1.5m) for Bi-Flex 1


Product Code: AMS-FL60DKIT

The FlexLite2 is a flexible LED panel that measures 30cm x 30cm, for professional use in television, movie and photographic production with an outstanding light quality and a CRI and TLCI over 95 either in daylight (available now) or tungsten (not available yet).

It is the cinematographer’s choice for a small, lightweight and powerful lighting tool for many applications like portable interview light or to hide in narrow spaces like elevators, cars or even inside objects for product photography, with a thickness of less than 8mm.

The FlexLite2 comes in two versions: daylight (available now) or tungsten (not available yet) and runs from main power supply or battery.

The Flexlite comes with a dimmer and a mount for 16mm studs, to mount it onto your stands or clamps and it has on each corner a velcro enabling you to put it where ever you like, for instance to upgrade your old halogen softbox to LED.



  • 1pc FlexLite2 LED Panel
  • 1pc Dimmer
  • 1pc Diffuser
  • 1 set Cross-Band Hanger
  • 1pc Mount
  • 1pc AC Adapter (100/240V Output)
  • 1pc Extension cable



  • Light Source: Super High CRI Power LED (60W)
  • Beam Angle: 140°
  • CRI: 5600°K = 98RA (Daylight)
  • Luminous Intensity: 5600°K = 1600 lux @ 1m (Daylight)
  • Dimmer: 5% - 100%
  • Cooling: Passive Cooling
  • Dimension: 300 x 300 x 8mm


Download the Aladdin 2016 / 2017 Catalogue here.


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