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SmallHD AC7 OLED Field Monitor (HDMI + SDI)

$1,320 (U.P. $1,598)

Pro Video


Product Code: MON-AC7-OLED-SDI

Versatility Meets Affordability

The AC7 OLED Field Monitor (HDMI) is popular among DSLR shooters, aerial cinematographers, and anyone needing a quality display to pull focus, check exposure and keep framing in check. They are lightweight, easy to mount to your rig, and extremely durable.

OLED displays takes on a major leap in display technology and produces a wider range of color than traditional LCD panels. They are not backlit like LCD's but instead they are lit by each individual pixel which yields a contrast ratio of infinity to one. OLED display brings about a combination of the benefits from CRT and LCD displays. It handles colour and contrast better than CRT and retains the lightweight, power efficiency and resolution benefits of LCD Displays. The AC7 OLED Field Monitors is also available in the HDMI  option.



  • 7.7-Inch Screen Size
  • 1280 x 800 Resolution
  • OLED Display Technology
  • 8-Bit Color Depth
  • Vivid Colours/High Contrast (10,000:1)
  • HDMI, Component, Composite
  • Focus Assist, DSLR Scale, Frame Guides  


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