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ZEISS Compact Zoom CZ.2 70-200mm/T2.9 (Feet Scale)

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Enjoy having 7% GST absorbed on your purchase of any Carl Zeiss CZ.2 lenses from us!


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Product Code: 1984-033

The Compact Zoom CZ.2 lenses are as versatile as they are powerful and incorporate features never seen before on lenses of this kind. They are handy, compact, ready for 4k and even offer full-frame coverage. 

Their compact size and light weight make them the ideal companions for even the most ambitious applications, including handheld, Steadicam and projects in confined spaces. And thanks to their robust, cine-style housing (which also allows for the use of a follow-focus system), their full-frame coverage and interchangeable mounts, they will be reliable partners for years to come.


Aperture T 2.9 to T 22
Close Focus¹ 1.52m / 5'
Front Diameter 95mm / 3.7"
Weight 2.8kg / 6.2lbs
Full-Frame² 10 - 29°
APS-H³ 9 - 24°
Super 354 7 - 20°
Normal-355 6 - 18°
APS-C6 6 - 18°
MFT7 5- 14°
Length8 250mm / 9.84"
Available Mounts PL, EF, F, E, and MFT


¹Close focus distance is measured from the image plane
²Horizontal angle of view for a full-frame camera aperture (aspect ratio 1:1.5, dimensions 36mm x 24mm)
³Horizontal angle of view for an APS-H camera aperture (aspect ratio 1:1.81, dimensions 30.2mm x 16.7mm)
4Horizontal angle of view for an ANSI Super 35 Silent camera aperture (aspect ratio 1:1.33, dimensions 24.9mm x 18.7mm)
Horizontal angle of view for a Normal 35 Academy camera aperture (aspect ratio 1:1.37, dimensions 22mm x 16mm)
Horizontal angle of view for an APS-C camera aperture (aspect ratio 1:1.50, dimensions 22.3mm x 14.9mm)
Horizontal angle of view for a Micro 4/3 (MFT) camera aperture (aspect ratio 1:1.33, dimensions 17.3mm x 13mm)
Front to PL mount flange


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