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ARCA-SWISS d4 (Geared) "MonoballFix"




Product Code: 870105

- Winner of "IF Product Design Award 2014"

No more setting levers of 3D heads that extend in all directions and always get in the way. No more uneven swivelling out of the camera. No more oversized dimensions, heavy loads and other all too well-known drawbacks to get in your way. The ARCA-SWISS d4 and d4m get straight to the point!

The d4 and d4m are the world's smallest, most functional and lightest gearheads, suitable for efficient and precise work in digital studio photography and outdoors for architectural photography.



  • Unites the pivot points of the X and Y movements at the same point, resulting in identical and the smallest possible rotational radii
  • Every tilt movement has its own fine-tuning knob and a lockable free wheel button. When both knobs are unlocked, the tilts can be optionally carried out in freewheeling modus
  • Turning device on its base to align the camera
  • Panning device under the camera mount for panorama pans which maintains the swivel axis
  • Two bubble levels at a 90° angle to align the camera
  • Camera mount enables camera back and forth movements in the exposure axis - "the 4th dimension"
  • d4 and d4m share mostly the same features, except that d4m contains no gear, so movements are performed manually in all directions



  • Length: 110mm
  • ​​Width: 90mm
  • Height: 100mm
  • Weight: 800g


Download the ARCA-SWISS monoball Classic and Fix System Catalogue here


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