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Core SWX FlyPack Power Distributor with 5V/7V/12V outputs


Pro Video


Product Code: FP-BASE
(Core SWX is formerly known as Switronix)


The FlyPack is an all in one power distributor that features an all aluminum chassis, with three 1/4-20 threads on the back for easy mounting. With the Core SWX FlyPack, you can power a camcorder/DSLR, video processing converter, and audio recorder, all from one device.


The FlyPack Power Distributor includes:

  • 1x USB output (i.e. Redmote, Tascam DR-05, other USB device)
  • 1x 5V Lemo output (i.e. Zoom, AJA)
  • 1x 7.2V Lemo outputs (i.e. HDV Cameras, DSLRs).
  • 1x 12V Lemo outputs (i.e. Blackmagic, 12v accessories).
  • 1x Powertap to 4-Pin 0B Lemo Cable       



Size 3.65" x 3.175" x 1.08"
Weight 0.5lbs
Input Lemo 4-pin (0B): DC 11-18V


USB output: 5v, 1a**
Lemo 2-pin (0B): 5V, 2.5a
Lemo 3-pin (0B): 7.2V, 2.5a
Lemo 4-pin (0B): 12V, 2.5a

Mounting Points

3x 1/4-20 threads on back

Power Indication Blue LED illumination


** The FlyPack will charge an iPad but slower then the Apple brand charger. You will see "Not Charging" on the iPad screen, but that just means 2.1A of current is not being supplied to the device. 


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