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Sachtler System Ace L TT 75/2 CF

$1,900 (U.P. $2,087)

Pro Video


Product Code: 1013

The Ace L series is designed for camera set-ups up to 6kg, and offer a 7-step counterbalance and - thanks to Sachtler's carbon fiber tripod which are extremely lightweight and provide high torsional stiffness - are universally applicable in their class.

This series is also the lightest among the Sachtler tripod systems, and for ultimate convenience, the Ace L systems are equipped with an illuminated bubble level.

The Ace L TT 75/2 CF system comes with a 3-section telescopic extension and offers the largest height range of the Sachtler Ace tripod systems. It provides optimum results on even ground!


System Specifications:

  • Payload: 0 - 6kg
  • Weight (without cover / bag): 4.1kg
  • Min. Height: 43cm
  • Max. Height: 186cm
  • Transport Length: 89cm


System Components
1.  Ace L Fluid Head

Due to its payload range of 0 to 6kg, Ace L is very versatile: be it shooting with a lightweight video-enabled DSLR camera, a heavier rig with accessories or a HDV camcorder. A counterbalance of 7 steps allows rapid balancing of the camera set-up whereas the patented SA drag™ provides fine adjustment for precise panning and tilting.

For Ace, a glass fibre reinforced composite material was chosen, which makes the new 75mm fluid head especially light and offers a comfortable and non-slip surface feel. An illuminated bubble makes working with the Ace L even more convenient.

Ace comes with the Ace plate, with a 1/4" screw and pin. Spare camera screws (1/4" and 3/8") are stored in the balance plate.


  • Sliding Range: 104mm (4.1")
  • Counterbalance: In 7 steps
  • Grades of Drag: 3 horizontal and 3 vertical, + 0
  • Tilt Range: +90° / -75°
  • Temperature Range: -30° to +60° C
  • Camera Fitting: Ace plate
  • Tripod / Pedestal Fitting: 75mm bowl
  • Pan Bar(s): 1, Type Ace
  • Level: Yes, illuminated


2.  TT 75/2 CF Tripod

The TT 75/2 CF is a 75mm tripod with 3-section single carbon fiber tubes. It offers a very wide height range, from as low as 27cm up to a maximum height of 171cm. It is especially easy to set-up and the different leg angles can be quickly adjusted. It comes with footpads with retractable spikes.


  • Head Fitting: 75mm
  • Extension: Telescopic, 3-fold


3.  Bag Ace L
  • Product Code: 9115



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