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Jag35 The Field Runner V2


Pro Video

The Field Runner V2 is a low-cost, light-weight, and highly ergonomic offset shoulder rig for DSLR shooters on a budget or on the go.

Shooters who use the camera’s LCD display with or without a viewfinder for monitoring prefer the Field Runner V2 because it places the camera in front of the face, giving them a perfect view of what they are shooting. The Field Runner V2 is ideal for traveling shooters who need a compact yet full-featured rig and shooters on a budget who need a rig today that can grow tomorrow.

Think of The Field Runner as the baby brother to the Full Shoulder Rig!

The The Field Runner  is versatile and is available in these 2 configurations: 

  • The Field Runner V2 / Raised + DSLR Stand + J35 Rods + 6" Bottom Rods (Product Code: KFRV2-DSJ6R)
  • The Field Runner V2 / Straight + DSLR Stand + J35 Rods + 6" Bottom Rods (Product Code: KFRV2-DSJ6S)



Note: The DSLR camera as shown in the image are for illustration purposes only.




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