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Sachtler System FSB 8 SL MCF


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Product Code: 0775

Drawn on the experience of product development and feedback from professionals working in the field, Sachtler's tripod systems are perfectly tuned to the different demands faced by camera operators, offering them the ideal combination of tripod, fluid head and accessories. This 75mm tripod system for HDV and DSLR cameras is no different.


System Specifications:

  • Payload: 1 - 10kg
  • Weight (without Cover / Bag): 5.2kg
  • Min. Height: 77cm
  • Max. Height: 160cm
  • Transport Length: 84cm


System Components
1.  FSB 8 Fluid Head

The sturdy and reliable FSB 8 completes Sachtler's FSB-range of 75mm heads, and is well-suited for HDV camcorders in industrial, newsgathering and education applications. The FSB 8 provides a 10-stage counterbalance, as well as five steps of drag (plus 0) for both tilt and pan. Engineered with Sachtler's well-known technology, including its patented counterbalance switch mechanism, Speedbalance and Sideload technology, the FSB 8 allows quick mounting and unmounting of the camcorder for on-the-go assignments.


  • Sliding Range: 120mm (4.7")
  • Counterbalance: In 10 steps
  • Grades of Drag: 5 horizontal and 5 vertical, + 0
  • Tilt Range: +90° / -75°
  • Temperature Range: -40° to +60° C
  • Tripod / Pedestal Fitting: 75mm bowl, intergrated flat base fitting
  • Pan Bar(s): 1, Type DV 75
  • Level: Self-Illuminating Touch Bubble
  • Product Code: 0707


2.  Speed Lock 75 CF Carbon Fiber Tripod

The fastest two-stage tripod in the world - simply release the three easy-to-reach clamps and the Speed Lock CF is ready for action! This extremely sturdy and twist-resistant carbon fiber tripod ensures that you're already shooting while the others are still setting up.

The patented clamping system lets you adjust the tripod smoothly and safely, even with a camera mounted. The Speed Lock CF's construction ensures minimal load-free weight, and increases stability; and on top of that, the clamping connection forms a third tube to further increase stability. The ergonomically shaped, high-tech clamps have a rounded design which ensures that cables slide off without catching. In addition, you can tell at a glance whether the legs are clamped into position.


  • Head Fitting: 75mm
  • Extension: 2-fold
  • Product Code: 4588


3.  Set Mid-Level Spreader 75


  • Recommended for Tripods Speed Lock 75 CF, ENG 75/2 D and DA 75 L
  • Build-Up Radius: 15 - 25cm
  • Product Code: 7011


Padded Bag DV 75 S


  • Recommended for DV 1 - DV 8, Cine DSLR and FSB on Tripods Speed Lock 75 CF and ENG 75/2 D
  • Dimensions: 92 (L) x 21 (W) x 18cm (H)
  • Product Code: 9108



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