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Innovative Electronics from the Philippines

Innovatronix is the brainchild of former engineer, Ramon Castillo. Started in 1987, the company found its niche in offering products and services needed for productivity development to industrial giants. Following a milestone year in 1991 during which Innovatronix was commissioned to create the scoreboards for the Southeast Asian Games held in Manila, the company expanded into the consumer electronics industry with its Tronix line of products. With Mr. Castillo as a photography hobbyist, the company naturally ventured into the digital imaging business as digital cameras boomed.

Today, Innovatronix is one of the pioneers in the digital photo studio industry with a network of outlets covering the entire Metro Manila and nearby provinces.


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Tronix Explorer XT "SE" 230Vac/50Hz 

The new Tronix Explorer XT "SE" (Special Edition) is a portable power supply that has the same functionality and reliability as the existing Explorer XT models but is designed to be compatible with the multi-voltage / auto-voltage monoblocs. Its full compatibility* and safety of use has been tested with:

  • Hensel Integra Pro Plus 500
  • Elinchrom BXRi 250/500
  • Profoto Compact 600R


As a portable power supply (pure sine wave inverter) designed to power flash and power pack units for location shoots, the Explorer XT "SE" uses a 24V power source and is rated at 350 watts continuous power, 1200 watts peak power and recommended up to 2400 watts per sec (ws).

Equipped with two 12V/7Ah sealed lead acid (SLA) batteries and efficient circuit design, the Explorer XT "SE" generates almost a thousand full-power pops for 300ws flash units. Charging the unit takes 3-5 hours.


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» Download the Explorer XT "SE" User Guide
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*Full compatibility was tested at one (1) monobloc per Explorer XT "SE" unit, even when used at full power.



Tronix Explorer Mini 230Vac/50Hz (with Universal Socket)

The Tronix Explorer Mini is the lightest battery pack in the Tronix Explorer series, weighing 5kg and with an overall dimension of 10cm x 20cm x 34cm, including the carrying case.

At 400 watts continuous power and 1200ws peak power, the Tronix Explorer Mini, despite its size, packs the punch with its capability to power-up bi-voltage monoblocs / compacts (regular digital and analog monoblocs / comopacts are also compatible).

In addition, it can also provide enough pops for a quick photoshoot, outdoor or on-location, at a faster recycling time (close to wall / AC socket).

This heavy-duty, highly reliable, complete set-up (inverter, charger, and carrying case) allows any working photographer to carry his/her most powerful monolights  and compacts whenever, wherever.


»Download the Explorer Mini User Guide



Tronix Auxiliary Battery Pack


If your Explorer XT runs out of power, fret not. The Tronix Auxiliary Battery Pack is your external backup power. Simply connect it to the Explorer XT and the internal battery system will be bypassed.

Powered by two 12V, 12Ah SLA batteries, the battery pack system weighs 10.5kg and measures 31.5cm x 15.45cm x 17.9cm. Each unit comes with the battery cord and connector.

Besides serving as the external or back-up battery pack for Explorer XT, the Auxiliary Battery Pack also serves as:

  • Main Power Source for Tronix PowerX Mac
  • Main Power Source for Tronix Portable Blower
  • Back-Up Power Source for Tronix Snap Power
  • Back-Up Power Source for Tronix Vulcan


» Download the Auxiliary Battery Pack User Guide




Tronix Explorer Bag

This multi-purpose carrying case for Tronix Explorer 1200, Explorer XT and Explorer XT "SE" makes your outdoor shoot extremely mobile and at the same time, safeguards your Explorer from rain, dust, sand and snow.

Made with black PVC Oxford and Nylon Oxford for lasting quality, the bag offers two carrying options: as a shoulder bag or handbag with slide pockets for storing other accessories.

Dimensions: 38 x 15 x 22cm

Weight: approximately 1kg




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