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Colour Viewing With No Grey Area

‘True colours are beautiful’ so sang Cyndi Lauper. Since 1975, American firm GTI has been providing accurate colour viewing solutions to the graphic arts and photographic industries. Its precision, guaranteed across its entire Graphiclite colour viewing systems, is achieved through vigorous in-house laboratory tests. When it comes to colours, GTI doesn’t compromise.


Professional Desktop Viewers

When you need the best viewing result for your prints, proofs and digital images, critical colour management is very important. The PVD-2e is the new series equipped with T8 Graphiclite ®100 colour viewing lamps. This energy-saving technology translates to even illumination at a lower cost. The viewing area* (H x W) is 13” x 19.3” (33cm x 49cm). Depending on the image size and the format you’re viewing, you can also choose PVD-2 which offers a smaller viewing area of 12” x 12” (30cm x 30cm). Both models comply with D50 ISO industry standard, which means you still enjoy critical color quality albeit different monitor sizes.  Besides the difference in size between the two, the PDV-2e comes with an improved appearance and functionality, including a pre-assembled unique hinged design that allows quick and easy fold-up for portability and space savings.

To allow the user better control over the viewing environment, the desktop viewers come with side walls to reduce spill light on your monitor – no more worrying about the unwanted light from your surroundings! If soft-proofing is your thing, then you will understand the importance of having matching brightness on your monitor and the viewer. So does GTI, and that is why the viewers also come with a dimmer to allow user adjustment of its brightness to facilitate visual color comparison.

Considering all the technologies used, yet these professional desktop viewers are tagged with an economical price. If you’re still hunting for that perfect color viewing system, head down to our store now!

*Size varies depending on the orientation of your viewer - portrait or landscape.

» Download the brochures for PDV-2 and PDV-2e.

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