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Started as a maker of fashionable straps back in 1982 in Jackson Hole, Wyoming, OP/TECH USA has since expanded its product range to include pouches, bags and other photographic and digital solutions for photographers. A family-owned and operated business with 90% of their products still made in their Belgrade, Montana factory, OP/TECH USA products are trusted for the superior function and quality, and they also come with a lifetime warranty.

OP/TECH USA started out by developing the FAST CAP product - a loss-proof and dust-proof lens cap that protects the lens, filter, and valuable optics. However, due to his profession as an engineer, founder Bill Heckerman never stopped innovating and designing no matter where he was. This brought on the birth of the FASHION STRAP.

People were skeptical and hesitant about the product at first as cameras had already come with a strap and they saw no need to purchase an additional one. Furthermore, the straps were made of neoprene, a type of synthetic rubber commonly found in diving suits and not in camera straps. Yet, this novel use of neoprene by Heckerman is exactly what brought on success for OP/TECH USA, allowing them to create products that are innovative and unique. Although Bill Heckerman has since passed on in 2009, his legacy still continues to live on in the company.

The OP/TECH USA Straps are famous for combining the soft, durable features of neoprene with its patented ‘control-stretch’ backing in its design. With the unique construction of the straps, weight is cleverly distributed over the larger area of your body and thus reduces the discomfort from neck and shoulder pressure, tiredness and bounce. The straps are also further enhanced with a non-slip material that ensures that your camera hangs securely on your shoulder.

Furthermore, with the OP/TECH USA System Connectors, the straps can be worn whichever way best suits you - lengthen it to sling over your chest or shorten it to wear it at chest level. It also creates a small carrying handle when its quick disconnects are latched together.

OP/TECH USA Pouches are compatible with the straps. These snug pouches protect your cameras and lenses against dust, moisture and impact, and provide insulation in colder weather.


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