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See in a New Way

"If we got stranded on a desert island with only one lens, we might make it this one (with the possible addition of a wide-angle adapter). It's light, versatile, sharp (when you want it to be) and really fun to use." -


No two eyes are exactly the same - especially when they belong to an artist who sees for a living. Given these infinite possibilities, Lensbaby offers three distinctly different lens bodies for different types of shooters.

Each lens gets you to the same place: a Sweet Spot of sharp focus surrounded by graduated blur. But each one gets you there in a way that reflects your individual personality and shooting style. Are you fast and loose? Smooth and precise? Methodical and step-by-step? Your first decision is: which Lensbaby has your name on it?

Join Craig Strong, inventor of Lensbaby, on an official tour of the Lensbaby Creative Effects Camera Lens System


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Selective Focus Lenses for Creative Photography
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