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Professional Digital White Balance


ExpoDisc Professional White Balance Filter

Even the best digital cameras are incapable of consistently delivering accurate colors without first performing a custom white balance – auto (AWB) and preset white balance functions of your camera often produce inconsistent results that are time-consuming and difficult to correct.

With manufacturers recognizing the importance of custom white balance to good color, digital cameras come equipped with a custom white balance feature that allows you to calibrate your camera to the exact color temperature of the light that is illuminating your subject.

The ExpoDisc is a custom white balance filter that allows digital photographers to quickly and easily set an accurate custom white balance so as to consistently achieve excellent results in natural, artificial, and studio lighting and even in mixed lighting environments. Now the even better ExpoDisc 2.0 introduces 
user-selectable warming filters (gels), an improved mounting design and a new lower price-point.

ExpoDiscs are just as suitable for video applications as they are with still cameras and come with quick pressure release friction mounts in standard sizes to fit your lens. 


ExpoDisc 2.0 Professional White Balance Filter Includes New Portrait Warming Filters (Gels)

The Original ExpoDisc Professional White Balance Filter was available in separate Neutral and Portrait (warming) versions. ExpoDisc 2.0 combines these versions into a single tool. ExpoDisc 2.0 includes two levels of custom warming filters (gels) which can be inserted into recesses on the face of the ExpoDisc, allowing photographers to add varying degrees of warmth for pleasing skin tones.

                     ExpoDisc 2.0 Portrait Warming Filters                           Attach Portrait Warming Filter         



How does the ExpoDisc work?

Designed specifically for portrait photographers, the ExpoDisc Portrait Filter enhances and accentuates healthy skin tones. Rather than producing an image file with neutral whites, the filter first neutralizes then enhances the image with a subtle warming effect, effectively adding pleasing red tones to the entire image and producing an image with subtle red highlights in the hair and skin.

Before (Camera AWB)                                    After (ExpoDisc)          



For more information on the White Balance Filter, please click here.


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Professional Digital White Balance Filters
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