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How do I improve on my photography?

As with many other skills, one of the best ways of improving your photography skills is to practice. Practice does make perfect after many shots and learning from your mistakes. Practice also allows you to familiarize yourself with your camera, so you can spend more time thinking about your shot instead of thinking about the steps needed to get it.

If you are interested in taking your photography one step beyond a casual snapshot, looking at more images and works by others helps. Looking at more photographs helps you develop a sense of what makes a good picture.

Don't restrict yourself to photography-specific books, websites and magazines - many of the best images can be viewed on non-photography specific newspapers such as The New York Times, magazines like Wallpaper... even cookbooks and bus shelter ads can be good sources of inspiration!

For more formal exchanges in photography and art, visit exhibitions and attend seminars/workshops at museums (e.g. National Museum, Singapore Art Museum), galleries (e.g. The Arts House, Utterly Art, Art Seasons), and arts centres (e.g. Objectifs, The Substation). Pick up free arts guides like I-S and Arts Beats to get shows listings. Hearing from and sharing with professionals can help give your photography a boost.

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