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Any tips for beginners who want to take better photographs?

Some tips that you can try:

1. Move in closer to your subject.
Rely on your feet instead of your lenses to get up-close to what you are shooting. Getting in close eliminates unwanted background distractions, and in the case of portraits, the interaction makes for a more engaging photograph.

2. Be aware of your light.
Light is what you depend on for your beautiful pictures, so be aware of the light you have around you when you are shooting. Different types of light can create different interesting effects.

3. Keep it simple
Having more than one subject in a picture makes it look cluttered and confuses the viewer. Keep it simple by focusing on one subject with the use of light or depth of field, or take away clutter by going in close to the subject.

4. Composition
A well-composed picture makes for a more visually exciting picture than a picture that looks like it was snapped in a hurry. There are many "rules" of composition, but some common ones include attention to placement of subject (centre of focus or off-centre), graphical elements in your image (e.g. lines, patterns and texture) and angles.

5. Look around!
Don't spend all your time reviewing images on your camera screen - you can edit them when you're home! The best moments can happen unexpectedly or sometimes require patience and some waiting.

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