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Sekonic Prodigi Color C-500/C-500R

Getting the correct exposure and color are two of the most important goals in the process of capturing an image. Reproducing colors as they appear in the image has been the essential goal and dream of color photography since its inception.

Manfrotto 055 CX Tripods

Following the recent introduction of 190CX carbon fiber models which were very enthusiastically received, Manfrotto is proud to introduce the finest of the range: the brand new 055CX models which complete the CX family.

THE pod's New Generation

THE pod has unleashed a series of new models catered for the professional photographer – that’s you!

PRESSlite VerteX

For years, you may have pondered over the possibility of having more control over your flash, thinking “if only…” each time you encounter unfavorable lighting situations. Now, all thanks to the creative juices of Silicon Valley inventor, Kenneth Law, the answer to your if-onlys come in the form of an innovative device from PRESSliteTM known as the VerteXTM.

The Next Lensbaby Era

Lensbabies, LLC, the name synonymous with “that sweet spot of focus” has recently undergone some significant changes. In a bid to simplify communication and unify the brand, the company is now known simply as Lensbaby, along with a new logo that reflects increasing polish and professional quality of its products while still retaining its creative heritage.

Ray Flash: The Ringflash Adapter

Until the recent introduction of the Ray Flash Ringflash Adapter, most photographers could only dream of working with a ring flash because they are expensive and big and need to be plugged into a power source.

Visibledust Artic Butterfly® 724 (Brite)

VisibleDust is the renowned producer of high quality DSLR cleaning products, especially tailored for the digital sensor. The Sensor Brush®, Arctic Butterfly®, Sensor Loupe™, Sensor Clean™, VDust Plus™, Smear Away™, and special VisibleDust Swabs™ for sensor wet cleaning are some of their outstanding products that have won the trust of countless professionals.

New Improved And More Eco-Friendly Lowepros

The Lowepro Nova AW series of shoulder bags, which has consistently been a popular choice for photographers at all experience levels, has been given a total revamp

Blackrapid R-Strap: The R-Revolution Begins

Many times, the most revolutionary inventions are sparked off by the simplest ideas, but what differentiated these ideas from the rest that never took off is the extra dose of passion and firm belief that their creators have in them. A case in point would be the BlackRapid R-Strap.

Calling All Professional Photographers

About two years ago, when photographer Luke Bartholomew Tan first learnt of the Professional Photographers Association (Singapore) or PPAS, he signed up as a member in a heartbeat

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