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Manfrotto Presents New XPro Geared Head

Posted on Feb 17, 2015 in News: Camera Supports, Manfrotto




The New Manfrotto Geared Head is designed for experienced keen photographers, who have reached high technical level thanks to their constant commitment to photography, and in need of the additional support when taking macro pictures or architecture shoots. It ensures three essential features to photographers: portability, thanks to its Adapto body; framing precision, with the micrometric knobs; convenience, thanks to its 200PL universal camera plate.


Portability - Adapto Technopolymer Body

This New Geared Head weighs only 750g (1.65 lbs), but can support up to 4kg (8.8 lbs) of payload. Its Adapto body, a strong and rigid technopolymer, makes this head the most precise lightweight head that Manfrotto has ever created and allows photographers to shoot outdoor and control the composition in the most convenient way.


Framing Precision - Micrometric Knobs

Thanks to the head’s patent pending micrometric knobs, photographers can set their cameras into the desired position. The geared movement allows precise image framing by going through small micro steps on all three axis. The knob ensures ergonomic comfort even during extensive usage. In addition, in order to make large framing adjustments, the locking system can simply be loosened by pushing the knob against the levers moving the axis in a quicker way. 


Convenience - 200PL

By using the most common photographic plate in the world, there's no need to use different plates when switching among various Manfrotto heads. This strikes the perfect balance between quick setup and savings: one plate is always attached to the camera, ready to be used in any situation with whatever photo or video support the photographer has in mind.


Made In Italy 

Designed and made in Italy, this head comes with a 10 years warranty. Its premium materials, advanced engineering processes and tests guarantee its quality. In addition, the Geared Technology is patent pending.


Now available at our stores!

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