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New Arrival: Tokina Cinema ATX Lenses

Posted on Jun 27, 2014 in News: HD Video & Accessories, Tokina


Cinematography is all about telling stories through the magic of motion pictures. Tokina's cinema lenses are indispensable tools that can make your story more interesting one frame at a time. Tokina has been at the forefront of zoom lens innovation for 60 years. Bringing technology and quality from the still world into the motion world was only a matter of time. With the new cinema lenses, shooters of all levels and budgets can now take the art of cinematic storytelling to a new level.


Get in-close and still get the big picture

The new super-wide cinema lenses are built to capture an entire scene without having to place the camera at a point that’s so far away from the action. You can get in close for dramatic impact or step back and capture more action than most other prime or zoom lenses. The lenses fast apertures will also give you flexibility in lighting your scene, or shooting in a variety of naturally lit conditions.

Ready for 4K from design to production

The lenses were precision engineered to meet the demands of 4K, 2K and HD optical performance from the beginning. In fact, they were meeting 4K standards even before the first commercially available 4K cinema cameras arrived on the scene. The fusion of multiple aspheric elements, SD glass, and decades of proven technology in Tokina's lenses combine to produce outstanding optical performance.

The best wide-angle value on the market

To ensure as many filmmakers as possible can include a wide-angle lens in their gear bag, Tokina built lenses at a reasonable price point without sacrificing quality or performance. The lenses is available in two different models: 11-16mm T3 Wideangle Zoom Lens and 16-28mm T3 Wideangle Zoom Lens.


11-16mm T3 Wideangle Zoom Lens

This lens is based on the award winning and world famous ATX 11-16mm PRO DX F/2.8 super wide-angle zoom optics. Referred to as one of the fastest and sharpest ultra-wide lenses in the world for small format digital cameras, it is also considered as providing the best value for cinema applications.



16-28mm T3 Wideangle Zoom Lens 

This lens is based on the highly innovative AT-X 16-28mm F/2.8 PRO FX HD SLR. It has been fully converted to a cinema lens, and fits Super 35mm cameras as well as cameras with APS-C and smaller sized image sensors. The 16-28mm zoom range offers the freedom to capture a super wide-angle of view of a scene while still maintaining a tight perspective.




Watch LA Time Lapse shot using the Tokina Cinema ATX Lens in the video below:  


Watch Tokina Cinema ATX Lens at NAB in the video below: 


For more information about the new Tokina ATX Cinema Lenses, please click here or contact our stores for assistance.


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