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Manfrotto Presents The Revolutionary Klyp+ For IPhone® 5/5S




Manfrotto, the worldwide leading company in the imaging business, is proud to present KLYP+ an all-in-one photographic solution to enhance the quality of your iPhone® camera. Thanks to the new photographic bumper you can accessorize your smartphone with a set of 3 interchangeable lenses, a brand new LED light and a tripod mount.

Finally, you can capture images similar to dedicated camera systems. The KLYP+ concept has been designed by Manfrotto exclusively for iPhone® 5/5S users; people who love to shoot pictures or record videos to share with friends thanks to user-friendly, intuitive and very compact accessories.


The super bumper to enhance your iPhoneography experience

Manfrotto KLYP+ protective bumper is the basis of the overall accessory system. Thanks to its outer rubber edges, not only does it protect your iPhone® from falls and scratches but it works as a connection system in which to slide the LED and the tripod mount. It also features an additional lanyard, able to offer maximum safety while shooting pictures or videos and a kickstand which provides basic support to the bumper and the ability to connect with any tripod.

The set comes with bumper, lanyard and the kickstand in order to satisfy the needs of the most demanding photo enthusiasts.


Shown above: Kickstand, Bumper & Lanyard (iPhone not included)


Lenses for amazing and different perspectives 

Manfrotto KLYP+ comes with a set of three interchangeable lenses that can be attached to the photographic bumper by simply screwing them on. The Portrait lens is ideal to greatly improve the image detail of your family and friends, while the Landscape and Fisheye ones are perfect for shooting stunning panoramas and for creating incredible effects.

Shown above: Potrait, Lanscape & Fisheye Lens set
on Bumper (iPhone & Bumper not included)

                      Shown above: Potrait, Lanscape & Fisheye Lens Set


Lighting and stand accessory for sharp and natural images in low-light conditions

The continuous LED light enhanced with Surface Mount Technology guarantees brighter images in low light situations and provides a great soft-fi lling light. The high quality Manfrotto LEDs also ensure vivid colours and natural skin tones both in pictures and videos, finally avoiding the annoying red-eye effect typical of flash lights.

The LED light comes with a built-in tripod mount, provided with a ¼" thread at the bottom, ensuring great stability and point of attachment to any tripod. The small support has been specifically designed to easily connect both to the light and to the 4 locking points positioned on the bumper through an intuitive sliding system. Its compact dimensions and user-friendly design make the product very portable and perfectly in line with the style of the iPhone®.

Shown above: Surface Mount Technology LED Light & Built in Tripod (iPhone & Bumper not included) 


Application: KLYPapp+

Together with KLYP+, Manfrotto introduces KLYPapp+, an improved and more complete version of the previous App, allowing you to enhance the iPhone® camera’s performance and personalize your images.

The App has been totally redesigned in its layout and user interface, being exceptionally intuitive and pleasant to use. KLYPapp+ keeps among its greatest features the noise activated shutter release, allowing you to take hands-free pictures. In addition, it gives the possibility to set the focus and exposure manually, apply filters, frames and watermarks to any pictures or videos, providing a complete easy to use post-production software. Finally it features an upgraded version, through which you can boost your video recording experience by adding time lapse and stop motion effects.

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Watch the KLYP+ in action:  


For more information on KLYP+, click here

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