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Introducing Spectra: Manfrotto Pro LED Light Series!

Posted on Jan 10, 2014 in News: Studio Lighting & Accessories, Manfrotto


Enlighten Your Images With Manfrotto Spectra!

Spectra is the new family of Manfrotto’s professional LED Lights, designed to meet the needs of demanding videographers and photographers. Spectra LEDs excel in reliability and light quality and stands out from standard LED panels, thanks to their slim and elegant design.

Spectra is designed for videographers shooting in an environment where natural lighting is not sufficient to get the desired video quality, it is necessary to get artificial, continuous lighting with high color rendition. It is also aimed for photographers who use LED lights as secondary light source for portraits and product photography for filling in shadows or as artistic tool to add catch-light into the subject’s eyes.


Excellent Color Rendition

Getting the right lighting is the key to perfect images. 

Thanks to the excellent colour rendition, Spectra LED fixtures allow a high fidelity color reproduction and the skin tone of subjects is always natural. These devices are carefully designed, paying close attention to reliability and consistent flicker-free functionality.

Long Last Batteries


Thanks to the long lasting batteries (1.5 hrs on average), Spectra is ideal to be used not only in studio, but also on location.

Versatility & Portability

Spectra LED Lights are lightweight, compact and handy,they are the perfect portable lighting system. Their exceptional versatility will make them an essential tool in the equipment of every professional. It can be used not only on camera, but also in combination with many other supports in Manfrotto’s product range (stands, booms, clamps, arms..).



A Range for all Needs


Watch the Manfrotto Specta in action below:


For more information and specification of the Spectra LED Lights, click here


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