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Certified Steadicam Operators are in the House!

Posted on Jun 26, 2012 in Announcements, News: Camera Supports, Steadicam

Getting to spend close to a whole week with the world-renowned Steadicam training team, including Oscar-winning Steadicam inventor, cinematographer and trainer Garrett Brown, is a dream for many camera operators, and for some of us at Cathay Photo, this dream became a reality at the Gold Steadicam Workshop!

It all began last year when we first heard that Tiffen was holding the International Gold Steadicam Workshop in Fountaindale, Robertson (Australia) from 24th to 29th July 2011, and that it was going to be led by Garrett Brown, and Steadicam designer Jerry Holway - for the first time in a decade!

It wasn't hard for us to decide that we wanted to be a part of this workshop, simply because it was the best way for us to learn more about Steadicam products and ensure that we impart the right information to our customers, who will eventually be operating the Steadicam.

So off they went - our colleagues Andrew Tan and Vincent Tan joined the group of 25 participants from all over the world and came back with fresh knowledge and skills in handling Steadicam products. Check out the group photo taken at the workshop last year... can you spot Andrew and Vincent?



This year, the workshop was held closer to home - in Genting Highlands, Malaysia. Reuniting Garrett Brown, Jerry Holway and Robin Thwaites as trainers, the workshop ran from 10th to 15th June 2012 and apart from hands-on, morning-to-night training, the participants also got to hear entertaining talks by the trainers about their on-set experiences, posture and position, and every tip known to man for enjoying a long and satisfying career as a Steadicam operator.

In the group this year was our colleague Jimmy Chia, and guess what - Dan Chung from was there too!



From what we've heard from Jimmy and Dan, who was in Singapore for BroadcastAsia 2012, there were lots of hard work involved, but also lots of fun and satisfaction! And if you'd like to put our colleagues Andrew, Vincent and Jimmy to the test, and see them put to practice what they've learnt, come by our Peninsula Plaza store and request for a Steadicam demo!

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