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Manfrotto: The Pro Video Head Flat Base MVH502AH


With even lighter and more compact cameras being introduced in the market, video industry technology has radically changed over the past few years. The latest cameras have created a new way of filming, where one person is often able to do the job on their own while a few years ago a full crew was required.

The “500” series is the result of an important technical evolution between an innovative “bridge architecture” and Manfrotto’s cutting edge engineering: Bridging Technology, an exclusive Manfrotto patent. A new platform leading the videographer and photographer to even better results with today’s high-definition cameras.

The Pro Video Head Flat Base MVH502AH, one of the heads in the "500" Series, provides resistance to jarring and shake transmitted from the photographer via the pan-bar. All heads include high-quality fluid cartridges for smooth and constant movement behaviour. This also helps in achieving 'shake free' images while panning and tilting during all types of video shooting sessions!



Load Capacity: 4kg

Weight: 1.6kg

Working Height: 13.0cm


Technical Details:

1. PAN fluid drag system for a more ergonomic operation

2. Easy Link Connectors for a more flexible accessory attachment

3. Wider top plate and longer sliding plate for extra stability and balance when using video or photo equipment

4. An even more rigid structure for maximum precision and improved responsiveness

6. Ball-bearing drag system for precise, smooth movements

7. Lightweight modern materials for optimum balance of strength and size



Manfrotto: Tutorial on 502 Heads



The Pro Video Head Flat Base MVH502AH is now available in our stores. Visit our stores for more information! 


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