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Introducing the Rotolight ANOVA

Ever wanted to control your light, brightness and color using WiFi via your very own iPhone? It is possible now with the ANOVA, and that's one of the amazing features of ANOVA.


Another feature of the Rotolight ANOVA is the new ‘Magic Eye’. It allows the user for the first time to accurately ‘sample’ the colour of ambient light in a room and transmit that colour to the ANOVA light which will accurately reproduce it. This revoloutionary technology will also enable users to remotely measure colour temperature and transmit that across the world to the studio, enabling synchronisation of colour both on location and in the studio.

ANOVA Features:


ANOVA Two is a bi-colour led system and is capable of accurately reproducing white light from candlelight through to full daylight. Amazing!

Anova at a McLaren Photoshoot

Rolight has launched the ANOVA lights at this year's NAB Show, the world's largest digital media industry event, and will be COMING SOON to our stores... so stay tuned!

Watch the Rotolight Official ANOVA Showreel now!



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