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Still Sharply Focused On Meeting Your Needs... After 53 Years!

Posted on Feb 22, 2012 in Announcements, Events & Community

Today is the 1st day of the second month in the Lunar calendar, or as we Chinese call it, 二月初一, which is considered to be an auspicious day. And so it was decided that today will mark the official opening of our newly expanded shop at Peninsula Plaza.

There wasn't much fanfare, none of the usual celebrations that are often associated with official openings, but in keeping with our tradition, we of course picked an auspicious timing to put up the new signboard at the back of the shop. Here are some pictures to share this special moment with all of you:

Our vendor preparing for the installation of the new signboard - we love the "old" feel the signboard exudes, don't you?


Deciding the best way to install while all of us watched on...


1, 2, 3... Here we go!


Adding the finishing touches and securing the signboard...


Done - The new signboard is hanging proudly in its place! On the far left of the picture, another vendor is preparing for his turn at installing a poster on the glass panel... Can you guess which brand it's for?


It's for... Canon! Featuring the DSLR that everyone is waiting for - EOS -1DX and the new Cinema EOS System.


With the expanded floor space at #01-06 to 08, we now have the Studio Lighting Equipment and Digital Workflow (professional photo printers, ink, fine art photo paper and color management solutions) sharing the same space as our Camera Supports (tripods, monopods and ball heads), Dry Cabinets and Films. We have also carved out a new section in this shop devoted to our HD Video Accessories, so that you can feast your eyes on the myriad choices available!

We thought that given the wide range of camera bags that we carry, it would be perfect to house them all in one unit by themselves, so if you are around the area, drop by #01-04 Peninsula Plaza to take a look!

There are still some finishing touches to be done, such as the beautiful Manfrotto Display Stands that are on their way to us... can't wait to see them! But otherwise, it's business as usual and we welcome you to visit our newly renovated shops!


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