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How My SlingShot Survived a Crash

August 9, 2011

Photo enthusiast Lucas Chudleigh of Prince Albert in Saskatchewan, Canada wrote to Lowepro about a recent collision between his Honda motorcycle and a Ford pick-up truck. He was wearing a new SlingShot 102 AW at the time, and thankfully, recovered to share this account of a camera protected by its Lowepro bag. In his words, here’s the story.

“I recently purchased a Lowepro SlingShot 102 AW. I bought it for my Canon 60D, which roughly cost $1,500 with the lens—so you can imagine, I wanted the best protection for my investment.

I particularly chose this sling pack to use with my Honda motorcycle. Several weeks ago, I was riding with my camera and lens in the pack. I was doing about 65 kilometers per hour up a busy street. A Ford truck in front of me slammed the brakes as I sat in the middle of the road.

I reacted too slowly. After hitting the brakes, I was thrown from the bike and landed on the camera pack at about 55 kilometers per hour. After landing on the camera bag, I slid about 40 feet on top of the pack until I collided with the truck. So all in all, my camera and the Lowepro bag I carried it in received a substantial beating.

I was rushed to the hospital and my injuries included a fractured hip, shock trauma to my spine and a massive concussion. The following week, I was able to leave the hospital and among the first things I did was check on the state of my camera.

The camera was in 100% perfect condition with not one scratch on it. The lens also was in perfect condition. The pack had three small tears and a broken zipper. I was lucky to survive this accident and I’m absolutely blown away by how well this pack has stood up. I thought maybe this letter also would stand up as a good testimonial to your exceptional bags.”


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