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A Visit by the TreeWizard... and his Special Mentor!

Posted on Mar 29, 2011 in Events & Community

It was just another day at work, or so it appeared to be, until we got paid a special visit by a very interesting customer and his personal Mentor of a miniature kind...


Cool, eh? Meet the creator of the bag (yes, it is a bag!!)... Mr. Christopher Pereira, of The Workshop!


I had the pleasure of speaking to him for a little bit, and found out that this miniature model of our Minister Mentor, which doubles up as a small carry case for your personal items like mobile phone, etc., is the only one of its kind in the world and is, sadly, not for sale.

But you can always have a personalized one made in the likeness of your loved ones - just contact Mr. Pereira or visit his shop at Bras Basah Complex. He even has one done in his own likeness - check out the website at and you'll see just how close the resemblance is!

And if you find Mr. Pereira familiar, just like one of my colleagues did, it's because he is also known as the TreeWizard, specializing in making miniature trees and very life-like ones too! To be doing this so successfully for 35 years now, it takes real talent and passion - WE LIKE!

Thanks for brightening our day, Mr. Pereira!

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