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Hello from Switzerland!

As always, time flies when you're having a good time. And so it is, our visit to beautiful and freezingly cold (at least by Singapore standards) Switzerland for the Photoflex Sales & Marketing Meeting is now near its end. After dinner tonight, it'll be time to say goodbye to our friends from all over, including Alex Fuentes from Photoflex and our amazing hosts, Johnny, Esther and Andre Kurtz

It's a first for us to be attending this Photoflex meeting and it has been a real great eye-opener; to know that Photoflex's new direction is geared towards the VSLR trend is a reassuring nod to what we have been doing so far.

What's wonderful about meetings like this, apart from the fact that we get to go places, is the amount of synergy that results simply from the participation and sharing of everyone present. Ideas get shared, knowledge gets imparted and we all leave with good lessons learnt! What all these translate into ultimately is the invaluable ability to provide a better service to you, our customers.

Prior to the Photoflex meeting in Berikon (near Zurich), we made a special trip to Lausanne, Geneva, to pay a visit to our dear friends Thomas Beinke, Malcolm and Simon Whittle from Elinchrom and though we only had less than half a day to spend with them, we'd never trade the experience - having a personal guided tour through the Elinchrom factory and seeing the old generations of Elinchrom products in its museum - for anything else!

We're really grateful for the chance to be here and spend time with Photoflex and Elinchrom, and we took lots of photos to share with all of you but unfortunately, we haven't had the time to go through them just yet due to our meeting schedules (and jet lag!). These pictures will be posted in the next couple of days, we promise! So please stay tuned :)

We're going to head back home tomorrow and for once, I'm really looking forward to the hot, humid weather in Singapore!

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