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In Retrospect: VSLRevolution Seminar, 6 Dec 2009

Posted on Dec 14, 2009 in Events & Community, Genus

We had the most amazing time last week! As busy as we were preparing for our VSLRevolution seminar and workshop held on 6 & 7 Dec, we had so much fun learning from the experts who were in town to grace our event. And from the feedback of more than 100 participants, we know you guys enjoyed the sessions as much as we did!

VSLRevolution was organised in an effort to help the local photography community gain a little more understanding of this new trend that's about to - if it hasn't already - take the digital imaging world by storm. "VSLR what?" you ask. Well, it's simply our way of calling this genius breed of a product, the video-capable DSLR cameras. And what's most impressive about these VSLRs is that with the aid of supporting equipment, they actually produce jaw-droppingly professional video results, as our guest speaker Mr. Dan Chung demonstrated during his presentation.

The seminar kicked off with a presentation by Mr. Teoh Peng Kee on the features of the Canon EOS 5D Mark II. Having worked with Canon Malaysia for more than 18 years, Teoh has gained a huge following among the photo community there and even earned nicknames such as "The King of EOS" and "The Walking Dictionary of EOS Systems", titles that we agree he truly deserves.

After learning so much about the 5D Mark II and taking in the beautiful pictures taken by Teoh himself, the participants were in for another visual feast from our next guest speaker, Dan. Having been a photojournalist for more than 15 years with some of the biggest media names, including Reuters and currently The Guardian, Dan has covered many of the world's biggest news events and is especially acclaimed for his works on the Iraq war, Tsunami and earthquakes in Pakistan and Sichuan. Always one to welcome new imaging technologies, Dan was quick to embrace HD video recording on his Canon 5D Mark II and 7D and very soon, began producing really amazing, professional videos as part of his work. Get inspired here.

Besides sharing about his on-the-job experiences and why still photographers have what it takes to shoot video, Dan also took the time to introduce various supporting equipment and accessories that make a difference to his videos, such as the Wide Angle Matte Box, ND Fader and Nun's Knickers from Genus, and even demonstrated the importance of using supports like the Manfrotto video tripod, Steadicam Merlin and Joby Gorillapod FOCUS, all of which were on display for participants' hands-on.

We had a really terrific time hosting the seminar and there are so many people we want to thank for making this a success:

  • Dan Chung for so generously sharing his knowledge and works with us, for demystifying the VSLR and encouraging everyone to venture forth with a "Yes We Can" attitude;
  • Teoh Peng Kee for imparting his treasury of knowledge on the EOS 5D Mark II to all of us and patiently going through all its features in such great detail; 
  • The wonderful team from Canon for supporting our seminar;
  • Anthony Wong and Steve Rushworth from Genus for inspiring us with their passion;
  • And last but not least, our participants for spending their precious Sunday with us, despite the road closures due to the Standard Chartered Marathon.

See you at our next event!


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