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Up Close & Personal with Dan Chung: VSLRevolution Workshop, 7 Dec 2009

Posted on Dec 16, 2009 in Events & Community, Genus

The workshop segment of our VSLRevolution event was in essence a very intensive personal coaching session by Dan Chung for the lucky participants who attended! With a jam-packed itinerary planned for the day, the workshop began at 9am with Dan going through the video functions and settings of the Canon EOS 5D Mark II and 7D as well as a familiarisation course on the various accessories that play an important part in the shooting process, including the Genus Wide Angle Matte Box - a warm-up for the things to come!

As we learned from Dan, one of the main factors that make VSLRs the ideal equipment for shooting videos is that they offer a 35mm-film look - a shallow depth of field - a quality that's familiar to all still photographers and one that's not easily achieveable with video cameras. This shallow depth of field, as demonstrated by Dan, adds a whole new dimension and feel to the video. See it for yourself in Dan's videos here.

The weather wasn't looking too good that morning and threatened to disrupt our plans for an outdoor shoot, but still, we managed to squeeze in 30 minutes of shooting time before lunch, just so the participants can put what they've learned so far to practice. Excitedly, we picked up all our gears (cameras with the Wide Angle Matte Box attached, video tripods and one of the participants even brought along his Steadicam Flyer!) and headed outdoors, along with Anthony and Steve from Genus who were on-hand to help out. It wasn't long before the rain started to fall but we had a really enjoyable time shooting and with Dan's guidance, the resulting videos were really impressive!

After reviewing each participant's video, Dan went on to demonstrate the different audio results that can be achieved with a variety of audio recorders and if you had been there to hear it for yourself, you'll be amazed at how a tiny microphone can make a whole world of difference!

Using Apple Final Cut Pro, Dan also discussed his editing workflow and showed us what it takes behind the scenes to put together the videos that so inspire us. Trying to synchronize the audio and video footages may seem like a daunting task to some of us but as Dan explained, there are a few ways to make the process a little easier, one of which is using PluralEyes, a program that automatically carries out the synchronization process without the need for timecode.

The workshop was almost nearing its end by then but the weather was so beautiful and the participants were on such a high that Dan extended the session by an hour and off we went for our second outdoor shoot!

The workshop experience was really awesome! It was fun, synergetic and most importantly, every one of us walked away that day with a heightened passion for shooting VSLR, a new-found confidence in our ability to take on the VSLR challenge and a greater level of respect for Dan as a master storyteller through his lenses.

For more on Dan, you can visit his website at Meanwhile, we'll leave you with one of Dan's latest works shot at the Singapore Turf Club on a pre-production Canon EOS 1D Mark IV on loan from Canon Singapore. We are truly bowled over. Enjoy!


Canon 1DmkIV at the races - test shoot from Dan Chung on Vimeo.


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