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Journey with Alex Soh... Day Three: Juizhaigou

Posted on Oct 31, 2009 in Journey with Alex Soh

Woke up this morning and immediately, I felt dreadful. The pain in my left foot still hasn't left :(


Met up with Fuzhong and he invited me to his house to celebrate his grandfather's 88th birthday - so kind of him to include me in his family celebrations! His house is located in the outskirts of Jiuzhaigou County and having had enough of dragging my left foot around, I finally asked Fuzhong if he could find me a doctor in town.

A good friend he was - he managed to find a local Chinese hospital in the outskirts. Had a round of acupuncture treatment, followed by rubbing and applying a medicinal patch. The doctor's skills were amazing... I actually could walk better right after the treatment!


Spending time with Fuzhong and his family in their little village was such an experience. So many interesting people with beautiful faces and characters! From the dinner preparation, which included the slaughtering the chickens, to the dinner celebration, there was never a dull moment and not once did I feel like an outsider. The people were all so warm towards me and being there with them felt just like being at home...


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