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The New Mamiya M Series Digital Backs

Posted on Jul 28, 2009 in News: Cameras & Digital Backs, Mamiya

Mamiya Digital Imaging is proud to announce its new M series digital backs, consisting of three models: M18, M22 and M31, which are the latest members of Mamiya's digital line-up.

The M series digital backs have all been designed for compatibility with Mamiya's 645AFD III, as well as the soon-to-be-released 645DF, which was recently showcased at the 2009 Tokyo Photo Expo. Through use of the specifically designed digital back adapter HX701, the backs can also be attached to Mamiya's famed RZ Pro II D. The M18 has a resolution of 18 megapixels and a CCD size of 44.2 x 33.1mm. The M22 has a resolution of 22.1 megapixels and a CCD size of 48.9 x 36.7mm while the M31 has 31.6 megapixels and a 44.2 x 33.1mm CCD. These large-sized CCDs make the digital backs ideal for medium format photography and the quintessential tool for commercial photographers and studios, portraiture and on-location work.

M31 on a 645AFD III M22 on a RZ67 PRO II D

Each digital back can be purchased separately or in a system kit with the 645AFD III and Sekor 80mm f/2.8 D lens.

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