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PRESSlite VerteX

Posted on May 08, 2009 in News: Camera Accessories, PRESSlite

For years, you may have pondered over the possibility of having more control over your flash, thinking “if only…” each time you encounter unfavorable lighting situations. Now, all thanks to the creative juices of Silicon Valley inventor, Kenneth Law, the answer to your if-onlys come in the form of an innovative device from PRESSliteTM known as the VerteXTM, which combines a wide range of light modification features into a small, lightweight and easy-to-use design.

The VerteXTM comes complete with a two dual-surface panels – one side diffuses light while the other projects specular light – which can be uniquely tilted, twisted, pivoted, detached and interchanged to reflect and redirect light in multiple directions simultaneously. And it’s fuss-free: simply use the thumb-shift mechanism with your one free hand to change the bounce-to-fill ratio in seconds! For more flexibility and control, the panel inserts can even be easily removed and replaced with other materials as your creativity deems fit.

This patent-pending design is made from the highest caliber hybrid plastics, elastomers and magnets, which translate to fluid movement, superior mechanical properties, lasting reliability and minimal weight, all of which are good news for photographers. It also allows for significant energy savings – longer battery life, faster recycle time, higher f-stop (better depth-of-field) and lower ISO options – as it controls the throw of light without blocking, filtering or weakening it.

The PRESSlite VerteXTM is designed for all photographers, amateur or professional, who desire an unprecedented level of control over the light flow from the swivel-head flash. To help kick-start on the many creative possibilities you can get with the VerteX, PRESSlite has a 3D demo on its website ( to guide you through some of the configurations that are made possible with this genius of a product.

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