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THE pod's New Generation

Posted on May 08, 2009 in News: Camera Supports, THE pod

THE pod has unleashed a series of new models catered for the professional photographer – that’s you! Joining the beanbag family made up of THE YELLOW and THE BLUE pod for point-and-shoot cameras, as well as THE RED pod for SLR cameras with a centre tripod mount, is an equally impressive generation designed with simple yet amazing enhancements to make your shoot a breeze.

THE GREEN pod is the of same size and capacity (75kg) as THE RED pod but it comes with an off-centre ¼” universal camera bolt to fit long-lens SLR and cameras with an off-centre tripod mount. Unlike others before it, THE GREEN pod has a Velcro patch sewn onto its surface and to secure the camera in place, all you need to do is attach the self-adhesive Velcro buttons, which are also provided, to the base of your camera at the opposite end to the tripod mount and align them. If that’s not steady enough for your liking, the good people at THE pod have also added an adjustable strap to the set-up for extra security.

Recognizing the needs of professional photographers and videographers, THE pod has extended its range to a Pro series that can tackle a capacity of up to 100kg! THE BLACK pod, with its four Velcro patches and two adjustable straps, provides a stabilizing platform for SLR, video and medium format cameras. THE SILVER pod, on the other hand, takes on long-lens SLR and video cameras with its off-centre camera bolt.

THE pod may be as simple an idea as a beanbag but it packs in so much more details and thought in its design it’s no wonder they say good things come in small packages.

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