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Museo Digital Fine Art Media

Posted on May 08, 2009 in News: Printers, Scanners & Related Media, Museo

Museo (pronounced Moo-zay-o) is a line of digital fine art media manufactured to archival standards (Library of Congress, ISO). Targeted towards professional, semi-professional, and prosumer photographers and artists who produce digital originals or reproductions using inkjet technology, all the products are made from 100% cotton. Optimized for use with pigment inks, they are internally buffered (to prevent long term environmental acidification), and contain no optical brighteners (which are known to fade over time).

We currently stock the following Museo fine art media:

Museo Portfolio Rag which is an extra smooth fine art paper for photographic images. It features an advanced coating to bring you a paper that feels luxurious and provides world-class image quality. Use Museo® Portfolio Rag™ for your museum exhibition and portfolio prints and when you need exceptional tonal range on a surface that will not detract from your photographic images.

Being pH-neutral, acid-free, and brightener-free, images printed on Museo Portfolio Rag will retain their bold colors and tonal subtleness for generations. When you create prints using Museo® Portfolio Rag™ and pigmented inks, you and your audiences will experience extraordinary visual and tactile quality. The paper’s substantial weight, distinctive hand, and captivating look will affirm that you make no compromises in the creative process. This is a really outstanding paper that is excellent for both color and black-and-white photographic work, and it fully meets the refined expectations of modern master photographers and printers.

Museo MAX is a digital fine art paper that will produce vivid colors with subtle shadow details and last for generations.

Originally introduced by America's premier maker, Crane & Co., Museo® MAX set the standard by which all past and future fine art papers will be judged. Combining breakthrough coating technology with the finest ingredients including the world's leading cotton paper know-how, this paper is sure to wow your clients. With a color gamut larger than any other fine art paper on the market today, you'll get huge reds, vibrant blues, and explosive greens. If black & white printing is your specialty, be sure to try Museo® MAX for high Dmax and fine detail unlike any other rag paper available.

Crafted to archival standards Museo® MAX will let you achieve Maximum density, Maximum gamut, and Maximum tonal range.

Museo Silver Rag is a fine art paper crafted for your finest work. Fine art and gallery prints from celebrated image makers using Museo® Silver Rag™, show extraordinary depth and detail along with the semi-gloss finish of traditional fiber-based photo paper.

A first-of-its-kind coating, and 100% cotton furnish enable Museo® Silver Rag™ to meet archival standards while creating a new category of digital printing paper. Optimized for pigmented inks, Museo® Silver Rag™ brings out the best in B&W and color images, and delivers high Dmax and superior tonal range. These performance elements – combined with the finish and hand of fine art paper – meet the long-standing desire of the world's top printers and photographers.

Founded on the tradition of innovation, Museo® Silver Rag™ ushered in a historic component to fine art photographic printing, bringing you as close as possible to fiber-based photo paper. Museo® Silver Rag™ offers unique printing performance that matches the artistry of your most original and distinctive work.

Museo Maestro Canvas is a best-in-class range of inkjet printable canvas specially created to compliment Museo’s finest range of digital fine art papers.

Museo® Maestro™ uses superior-quality coatings optimized for pigmented inks to provide professional printing performance. Because Museo® Maestro™ is authentic canvas, you can stretch and frame your digitally-printed image just like traditional artwork. And like their distinctive fine art papers, cotton is a key component in the rich canvas base. You can trust the design and quality of Museo® Maestro™ canvas to portray and preserve your artistic intentions for generations.

Museo® Maestro comes in a gloss and matt finish. The matte surface provides a no-glare finish that you can use uncoated or top-coated for a range of finishes, and the gloss surface implies an oil or acrylic media look. Try Museo® Maestro™ canvas to open new creative avenues. The canvas surface imparts a sense of craftsmanship to your work, implying hand-painted art. It will accentuate the labor, compositional effort, and detail you put into to your finest art and images.

Museo Artist Cards

are an ideal way to use your photographic and fine art images, for greeting cards, invitations and promotional cards. These pre-scored cards are printable on both sides, each reproducing equally beautiful color and quality on this newly designed 220 gsm stock. Museo Artist Cards are manufactured to the same high standards and archival characteristics as the existing range of Museo papers. Museo Artist Cards are compatible with most photo realistic ink jet printers and each package comes with matching envelopes.

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